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                Aldehyde & ketone resin AK
                Urea-formaldehyde resinHS
                Synthetic resin
                Aldehyde & ketone resin F-501
                Glycerol ester of rosin

                 Glycerol ester of rosin


                Glycerol ester of rosin

                Glycerol ester of rosin is divided into food grade and industrial grade due to different raw material and technique. Food grade product is light yellow glass state solid and is widely applied in drinks. Our products meet GB10287-88 and international advanced America FCC standard.
                Industrial grade is widely applied in paint, paper making, hot melt adhesive, and printing ink.

                Features and uses

                Light color and light smell, fine inoxidizability and heat stability, anti-aging;
                Widely applied in food industry;
                Industrial product is widely applied in tackiness agent, varnish, paint vehicle and paper making industry;
                For manufacturing of laminating adhesive, decoration adhesive, lable adhesive, hot melting adhesive, EVA hot melting adhesive, sealing adhesive and so on

                Quality index

                Food grade
                Industrial grade
                light color transparent solid particle
                light color transparent solid particle
                acid valuemgKOH/g
                softening point ℃
                ash content (%)
                heavy metal (%)
                specific gravity 25℃/25℃

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